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  • Are you making environmentally conscious developments in the hostel?

    Yes, we're continuing to make positive eco choices for our hostel, there's still more we can do - but we've made a good start:-

    • We're using separate bins for recycling paper / cardboard, plastic, glass and cans.
    • In our office we're re-using paper and envelopes as note books and jotters.
    • We're reducing how much paper we require, now using email to communicate with our customers and suppliers wherever possible.
    • Our toilets now all have a low flush option.
    • We're using low energy light bulbs in every fitting.
    • Our walls and roofing are cosy and snug with insulated plaster board and triple level loft insulation.
    • We benefit in using energy efficient condensing boilers.
    • All our cleaning and washing agents are purchased from Ecover, a product range made from sustainable plant and mineral ingredients, designed for the absolute minimum effect on the environment.
  • Do you have an ethical policy?

    Yes, where possible and with every effort we:-

    • Order our whole food products and fair trade products from Good Food and our local fair trade shop Kingdom Kraft.
    • Support our local farmers by purchasing our sausages, bacon, etc from our award winning local butchers.
    • Source our new furniture, bed linen, carpets, etc from local British business.

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